As you may have heard. Galdre and Murdock have been at work on something BEARDLY as of late. 9000+ Beardly words later the first draft of "The Promise" the first tale of Season 3 of Beard the Immortal has been turned over by Galdre to Murdock for review. Exciting yes? This is also a good time to talk about the cadence and plans for Season 3.


Unlike previous Seasons where Galdre and Murdock worked to do a story a week, or at the very least once every other week. Season 3 will be a strictly monthly to "when the next tale is done" release schedule. We are going to try hard to stick to a monthly schedule but a lot of things have happened since we first launched Beard.

Murdock had kids and launched quite a nice horror career Galdre moved to the PNW, started making dark artifacts, and Strong Lady D&D (as well as all sorts of other schenanigans)

and both of them have gotten into some crazy work times at the old day jobs.

the tl;dr is that they've become old men and man... those late nights up writing and editing stories just don't sit like they used too.


With the new cadence we are also hoping to SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE QUALITY. Turns out last minute writing and editing isn't so great for the quality end of things. Who knew!

The new schedule allows us to do some things with the story to set a more stable narrative, avoid release->publication changes, and just in general make everything a bit more cohesive.

New Offerings

To offset this loss of schedule, Galdre and Franklin are planning on posting other stories they have written on S&P. You may have already seen Franklins intriguing "ZEUM TEUFEL", that was posted in the spring. Expect more of the same coming your way.

More Ways to Experience Beard

Galdre and Franklin are also working on some other ways for you to get your Beard Fix. They are working on a podcast, as well as audio versions of seasons 1-2 read by the authors themselves. That's not all thats in store! With access to some Express Print Machines in Portland, Galdre is hoping to be making some physical copies of Season 1 and 2 available in paperback as well as electronic versions of the books soon!

So keep your eyes posted as there are great things coming!

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